Mothers deserve recognition, appreciation

  • Published
  • By Alex Payne
  • Bedford High School student and Boy Scout Troop 173 senior patrol leader
For nearly a century, every year we have celebrated Mother's Day -- but very few people know how this day came about and the importance of it.

Anna Jarvis was the woman who went on a national campaign to create a day of appreciation for mothers in 1907. Mother's Day was approved as a national holiday in 1914 by the United States Congress. Other countries were soon to follow in our footsteps, although the date of Mother's Day varies in different countries. The International Mother's Day Shrine was constructed in Grafton, W.Va., to commemorate Anna Jarvis' accomplishment.

So exactly why do we need a day dedicated to mothers?

We need a day dedicated to mothers because of what they do for us daily, how they love us and how they take care of us. From the day that we were born, our mothers sacrificed themselves for us. Mothers put up with our ups and downs, always protecting us from harm. Mothers are the ones you can talk to about your daily problems and they will listen with love. Mothers are the ones you can run to when you are scared or sad. Mothers are the ones who give up so much of their time for us.

I would not be able to live without my mother because of what she sacrifices for me. My mother always helps me with my homework and makes sure I have the right clothes to wear. My mother sacrifices her time by keeping me disciplined and respectful. I love my mother so much. Without my mother, I would be incomplete. My mother supports me by going to my sporting events and supporting me in all that I want to do.

My mother does so much for me that she deserves more than just one day of appreciation. I know that all mothers deserve a day of recognition and gratitude for what they do. You can show appreciation to your mother by telling her you love her and giving her a hug. You can also show appreciation by purchasing her flowers or something that she would like.

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers!