A Self-help Guide to Fundraising on Hanscom

  • Published
  • By TSgt. Monica Melendez
  • ESC Legal Office
With the Combined Federal Campaign season rapidly approaching, Private Organizations and unofficial activities may find themselves under more scrutiny when requesting to fundraise than usual. 

Private organizations and unofficial activities are self-sustaining special interest groups, set up by people acting exclusively outside the scope of any official capacity as officers, employees, or agents of the Federal Government. They operate on Air Force installations with the written consent of the Installation Commander, or if delegated the Mission Support Group Commander. It is recommended that those interested in POs and unofficial activities review AFI 36-3101, Fundraising within the Air Force, and AFI 34-223, Private Organizations Program.

Private Organizations and unofficial activities generally rely on fundraising to generate the money needed to support their activities. However, on Hanscom fundraising activities may only be conducted pursuant to written approval of the Installation Commander or his designee. 

The first step in any fundraising request is to complete a staff summary sheet, or Air Force Form 1768, detailing the activities of your proposed fundraiser along with a letter requesting authorization to conduct the fundraiser. Samples of both are available from the 66th Force Support Squadron. 

The next step is to submit the package to the 66th Force Support Squadron, Resource Management Flight Chief, for coordination. The request will then be routed via the 66 FSS Director and the ESC Legal Office to the 66th Mission Support Group Commander for approval.

Due to the fact that fundraising packages must be approved at multiple levels, fundraising requests must be received by the Force Support Squadron at least two weeks prior to the proposed fundraiser. Below are some helpful suggestions for formulating a successful fundraising request:

· A PO or unofficial activity may have a maximum of two fundraising activities within a calendar quarter. Fundraising activities may occur during the Combined Federal Campaign or the Air Force Assistance Fund campaign only if they do not detract from the campaign in progress.

· Fundraising can only be conducted in non-work areas, such as lobbies, concourses and break rooms, or other areas as designated by the Installation Commander.

· E-mail, letterhead publications, and other official channels may not be used to promote the fundraising event or effort.

· POs and unofficial activities are prohibited from using Air Force resources, such as copy machines, paper, or other materials and supplies to advertise or host the fundraiser.
· Fundraisers may not duplicate or compete with a Base Services or AAFES activity, nor can they sell alcoholic beverages.

· Military personnel may participate in fundraisers in their personal capacity during off duty time, but may not wear their uniform while participating in a fundraiser. Civilian personnel may participate in fundraisers on base, but only when off duty.

· Military and civilian personnel may not use their official title, position or organization name in connection with the fundraising event; and the fundraising activity may not imply Department of Defense or Air Force endorsement.

· Please submit your requests in a timely manner and contact the ESC legal office at (781) 377-2361 for any questions.