Why is VPP important to you?

  • Published
  • By Col. Dwyer Dennis
  • 551st Electronic Systems Wing commander
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration's Voluntary Protection Program is a proven program across industry that began in 1982. The program encourages companies to voluntarily go above and beyond promoting effective safety and health programs with the overriding objective of making safety a fundamental part of our culture.
VPP is built on four elements: (a) Management leadership and employee involvement, (b) Worksite analysis, (c) Hazard protection and control, and (d) Safety and health training.

In 1998, federal worksites became eligible for VPP, and in the coming month a team from OSHA will be evaluating HanscomĀ  to determine if we will be the first Air Force installation to earn the prestigious VPP Star Certification.

The importance of VPP cannot be overstated. For our Wing, 551 ELSW, it is a comprehensive way to ensure we achieve environmental, safety and health excellence. We encourage all our employees to be accountable for achieving this goal as a life sustaining skill, not only for the workplace but in all aspects of our lives.

In fulfilling this commitment, we strive to provide and maintain a safe and healthy workplace as indicated by our desire to participate in OSHA VPP. Safety is given the same level of importance if not higher then productivity and other business metrics.

In short, we are committed to promoting a work environment that goes beyond compliance. Key to achieving that goal is each team member's commitment to be aware of hazards and take the initiative to address the safety and health issue. Together we can all make Hanscom a safer, more productive work environment. I encourage each Airman to make VPP their program.