Labor Day safety tips, reminders

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Gerald Boarts
  • Electronic Systems Center Safety Office ground safety technician
Signs indicating the end of summer are beginning to appear. The days are getting shorter; the NFL preseason is in full swing; kids are stocking up on back-to-school supplies and the Red Sox are making our hearts skip a beat or two. 

Labor Day weekend also marks the end of this year's 101 Critical Days of Summer campaign. The Electronic Systems Center Safety Office is happy to report that as of Aug. 17, Hanscom has not suffered one fatality during this critical period. This is a direct result of the community's safety vigilance, Operational Risk Management practice and commitment to being good Wingmen. 

Unfortunately, the Air Force as a whole has not fared so well. To date, we have lost 13 valuable Airmen in motor vehicle-related mishaps, in addition to four in sports and recreational accidents. That adds up to four more fatalities than we had at the same period last year. 

This Labor Day weekend can be one of the deadliest times of the year. A lot of folks try to squeeze many last minute summer activities into one short weekend. 

As you prepare to celebrate Labor Day weekend with friends and family, keep safety in mind. Don't drink and drive, and don't allow friends to do so either. 

Some members of the Hanscom community are planning driving trips over the long weekend. The safety office urges you to take some simple precautions: 
-- Plan enough time for the trip and don't speed. 
-- Watch out for aggressive drivers. There will be plenty of traffic on the roads.
-- Make sure to get plenty of rest and avoid becoming fatigued. 
-- Let someone know where you will be going and what your timetable is. 
-- Make sure your vehicle is in good shape before your departure. 
-- Always wear your seat belt. 

Those who remain in town should remember to avoid taking unnecessary risks when enjoying the outdoors. Use extreme caution when boating, swimming and when using all-terrain vehicles. Do not let your guard down; be especially watchful of each other during this long holiday weekend. Enjoy the time with family and friends, and, above all, do it safely. For more information, call the Electronic Systems Center Safety Office at (781) 377-5135.