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  • Winter Moving Tips

    Editor's note: With the beginning of the upcoming winter moving season, Joint Personnel Property Shipping office personnel wish to pass on the following key moving tips to the Hanscom community. All personnel moving during the winter months through the JPPSO-Northeast office should be aware that major snow and sleet storms may delay the pickup and
  • Mental health support available through base programs

    Air Force-wide, the Wingman BOLDFACE initiative encourages Airmen to make supporting each other a priority. Caring for oneself is just as vital, said Air Force Materiel Command Vice Commander Lt. Gen. Terry Gabreski in a Nov. 1 memorandum. "Practicing good Wingman behavior needs to happen daily and includes knowing when and where to seek help for
  • Colonel pins on as engineering office pushes forward

    When it comes to leadership opportunities, Col. Russell Kurtz doesn't shy away from the difficult or challenging. An aeronautical engineer by trade, the colonel's career has afforded him many unique opportunities. He has led flight test teams on missions to both the North and South Poles, taught at the US Air Force Academy, and even briefed the
  • Submit required forms early to ensure vote is counted

    The Nov. 4, 2008 general election is less than one year away and state presidential primary elections are set to begin next month. The clock is ticking for would-be voters to ensure they are registered to vote. While state registration deadlines vary, residents of those states with early primary elections should register as soon as possible to
  • Cyber symposium spawns powerful partnerships

    The Electronic Systems Center, 8th Air Force and the service's provisional Cyber Command are already building on partnerships established during the first-ever Air Force Cyber Symposium, which wrapped up Nov. 29. Held in Louisiana's Shreveport Convention Center, near Barksdale AFB, the first symposium featured a slew of high-level speakers and
  • A sweet creation

  • Enjoy holidays without going bankrupt

    With Christmas not far away, shoppers are out in droves, trying to find the perfect gifts for their friends and loved ones. Amidst the cheerful masses, bright decorations and festive atmosphere, many risk overspending during the holiday season. Airmen who strategize their holiday spending, however, can avoid this pitfall. According to the National