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  • October is Energy Conservation Month

    According to the United States Department of Energy, heating and cooling account for approximately 56 percent of the energy used in a typical U.S. home. When it comes to conserving energy, Hanscom is no exception. Not including the month of September, Hanscom's electric bill for fiscal year 2007 was close to $10 million, and the natural gas and
  • ESC debuts improved Newcomer's Orientation

    Electronic Systems Center launched a new way of introducing newcomers to the organization and the base Sept. 21, with a program that featured tours of each of ESC's five wings as well as short briefings outlining each unit's contributions to America's war fighters. The afternoon-long Newcomer's Orientation improves upon the previous welcomes that
  • Air Force leaders discuss need to control cyberspace

    Military and industry leaders who gathered here this week spoke about the tremendous warfighting value of controlling cyberspace, but they were just as clear about the inherent threats. "If we lose our ability to use cyberspace, we lose our ability to war-fight," said. Col. Tony Buntyn, director of 8th Air Force's Global Cyberspace Air Operations
  • Data shared across systems, services, intel communities

    By providing interoperability among 19 systems, four security domains, four networks, six countries and three continents, members of the Electronic Systems Center here recently demonstrated a level of connectivity some previously thought impossible. When the 950th Electronic Systems Group's DIB Management Office recently took part in Empire
  • Shiely, Wright, O’Neill Awards Banquet set for Nov. 1

    Electronic Systems Center will recognize its very best people and programs Nov. 1 at the 33rd annual Shiely, Wright and O'Neill awards banquet at the Minuteman Club. The Maj. Gen. Albert R. Shiely Jr. Award recognizes Excellence in Acquisition Management in two categories: major and minor programs. The award is named in recognition of General
  • Airmen keep soldiers, Marines in the fight

    Editor's Note: Col. Jackson Dobbins, currently the 386th Expeditionary Medical Group commander, is deployed from Hanscom Air Force Base, Mass. At Hanscom, Colonel Dobbins serves as the 66th Medical Group commander.Army Sgt. Scott Boomershire injured his ankle kicking down doors in Iraq. However, it's up to Airmen here, stationed hundreds of miles
  • Base to experience road closures beginning Oct. 9

     Beginning Oct. 9, Hanscom drivers will experience some main road closures in order to accomplish repair work on steam lines and condensate return pipes. "The steam lines and condensate return pipes in this trench are corroded and need to be replaced," said Chris Perkins, Base Civil Engineer. "The only way to get to the lines is to dig out the
  • ESC Corporate Board allocates $447,000 for Workplace Initiative projects

    Hanscom's Workplace Initiative (also known as "Hanscom Pride"), dedicated to improving the work environment for employees, will begin focusing its efforts on a new round of workplace improvements. The ESC Corporate Board has allocated $447,000 for the Workplace Initiative projects. Workplace is one of the "Five W's" identified by Electronic Systems