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  • Hanscom retiree returns from senior games

    Capt. Don Husmann, a volunteer in the Retiree Activities Office, recently returned to Hanscom from Houston where he participated in the 2011 National Senior Games, sometimes known as the Senior Olympics.This active 80-year-old is best known at Hanscom for his work in the tax section of the RAO,

  • Stepping into the ring

    Now that summer has hit full stride, those looking to knock off a few pounds or rev up their fitness routines can check out the Fitness and Sports Center's boxing classes, taught by Gregory Leschishin.Mr. Leschishin serves as the 66th Force Support Squadron's School Age program assistant, but is

  • The man who keeps Hanscom warm

    In 1964, the country was in the early stages of one of the most tumultuous decades in its history. President Lyndon B. Johnson had just signed into law the Civil Rights Act of 1964, yet violence escalated in many cities across the nation. Congress officially authorized war in North Vietnam, which

  • AFRL scientist retiring after half century of service

    For those people that enjoy their jobs, 49 years of coming to work doesn't seem so long. For Dr. Edward E. Altshuler, a scientist at Hanscom's Air Force Research Laboratory, 49 years of service is almost enough. "I would have liked to work here for 50 years," said Dr. Altshuler. "If BRAC (Base

  • Running for Andy

    Running the Boston Marathon each Patriots Day is a dream for many local long distance runners, especially for Ray Phillips, a cost price analyst with Electronic Systems Center Contracting and veteran of a dozen marathons, who just wasn't fast enough to qualify for the mid-April race. Fortunately for

  • Another way of looking at courage

    "Have you heard the one about the priest, the rabbi and the minister?" said Chaplain (Maj. Gen.) Cecil Richardson, the U.S. Air Force's chief of chaplains, when he first stepped on the stage during the National Prayer Breakfast held in the Minuteman Club's ballroom on Feb. 25. But the punch line to

  • Chorus becomes way for veterans to connect

    Sometimes when a military member moves into the local civilian community, he or she might have a hard time getting to know people. But Lt. Col. Bruce Lambert, Air Force Research Laboratory program manager for space weather research, found a unique way to connect.Colonel Lambert is a member of the

  • Tuskegee Airman shares his story of serving with distinction

    During World War II, the U.S. military was racially segregated, reflecting American society and law at that time. An experiment in the U.S. Army Air Forces, however, showed that given equal opportunity and training, African-Americans could fly in, command and support combat units as well as

  • Hanscom student intern saves mother's life

    One of the youngest professionals at Hanscom Air Force Base may be small of stature, but there's no denying the size of her spirit. Ashlee Masone, a lively 21-year old student intern from Leominster, Mass., recently saved her mother's life by donating one of her precious kidneys. Ms. Masone's

  • Hanscom officer excels in non-traditional role

    Capt. Stephen Gray, a cost chief for the Battle Management Directorate's Aerial Ground Surveillance System Division, embraced the non-traditional roles required of today's deployed Airmen during a recent deployment to Afghanistan. Instead of performing traditional financial management officer