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  • Upcoming E-6 and E-7 promotion testing cycles

    The technical sergeant (13E6) and master sergeant (13E7) promotion testing cycle is scheduled for February through March 2013 at the Hanscom Education and Training Center. Notifications have been sent to all unit Weighted Airman Promotion System Monitors or directly to individuals eligible for testing. As eligible personnel prepare for this
  • Law school programs available to Air Force officers

    The Air Force Judge Advocate General's Corps has two programs that allow active duty Air Force officers to attend law school to become lawyers. Applications for fiscal year 2013 Funded Legal Education Program and Excessive Leave Program are being accepted from Jan. 1 through March 1. JAGs do more than meets the eye. Beyond providing legal
  • Case study to provide insight into contractor responsibility determinations

    On Jan. 17, Ron Mason, special assistant to the program executive officer for C3I&N, and Bernice Pasternak, Contracting, along with Anthony Scalice, 66th Air Base Group Judge Advocate acquisition fraud counsel, will present a panel discussion of the facts and circumstances surrounding a recent case involving a contractor responsibility
  • Housing team named best in the Air Force

    Hanscom's housing team, consisting of members of the Civil Engineering Housing Management Office and Hanscom Family Housing, was recently recognized as the Air Force winner of the Professional Housing Management Association Outstanding Installation-Privatized Location team award for 2012. Throughout the year, both the government and privatized
  • Mentoring, leading a big part of new STARBASE program

    As fifth graders file in and out of the STARBASE building--Hanscom's newest program to educate students about science, technology, engineering and math--they're not only excited about what they've just learned, but who they've just met. Part of the STEM enrichment program for youth allows base personnel, both military and civilian, to interact with
  • New system to be implemented at Hanscom gates

    As part of a Department of Defense mandated initiative, Hanscom will soon implement a system which combines human power with technology in order to enhance force protection on base. All visitors and non-DoD card holders will be required to register with the Defense Biometric Identification System, also known as DBIDS, prior to being allowed on
  • What to expect at a dental exam

    People visit the dentist at least once a year, but are they fully aware of what is being evaluated during the exam? Of course, the dentist is checking for cavities, but that is only a small portion of the examination. A thorough dentist will not only check for the presence of tooth decay, but will also evaluate them for the presence of conditions
  • Hanscom medical marijuana policy

    The 66th Air Base Group commander recently issued a policy letter regarding medical marijuana on Hanscom Air Force Base.According to his policy, marijuana, prescribed or otherwise obtained, may not be used, possessed, distributed, nor introduced on Hanscom Air Force Base, a Federal military installation. "The policy letter was released to address
  • Industry days focus on energy savings

    Representatives from Hanscom's Civil Engineering Division, Small Business Office and Operational Contracting office, as well as the Government Services Administration, Navy CE, MIT Lincoln Labs, Army Corps of Engineers, Westover ARB, Mass. and other government entities gathered at the Hanscom Conference Center Dec. 11 and 12 to learn about the
  • Veterinary clinic closed

    The Hanscom Veterinary Treatment Facility in Building 1219 is closed due to mold and potential health hazards to pets and humans. Veterinary services will be suspended until further notice. Staff members are working hard to ensure that service disruptions will be kept to an absolute minimum by trying to get operations established in the temporary