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AFMC Connect May focus: Contribute

AFMC Connect May focus: Contribute

Each month a different AFMC Connect focus is emphasized. For May, AFMC Connect focuses on the importance of the contribution each Airman makes to mission success.


WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio -- A healthy workplace is one in which everyone collaborates to achieve mission goals and feels compelled to contribute, which is the focus topic for AFMC Connect for May 2021.

It is important for each individual Airman to contribute to a unit’s mission and to have that contribution recognized. Each person’s role should be clearly understood and opportunities for continual growth provided.

Strategies that create an environment where everyone feels their contributions are valued include, but are not limited to:

- Providing a safe space to voice ideas, opinions and concerns

- Fostering transparency with reasonable expectations

- Celebrating each individual’s strengths by encouraging people to be their ‘full selves’ at work

- Recognizing good work and letting people know they are valued

Effective interaction through existing delivery forums like meetings and office calls can aid a discussion on personal contributions. Leaders should consider a line of questions similar to:

1. What is your contribution to the mission?

2. How do contributions aid in the discovery of individual strengths, workstyles, and values?

3. How can the team create an environment that celebrates and supports everyone’s contributions?

4. Are there more effective ways individual contributions can be celebrated?

5. Is there an apparent connection between individual contributions and unit mission success?

Fostering an understanding of the contribution of each member of the team perpetuates mission success and a healthy work environment.

Team members who are connected within a healthy workplace situation actively contribute toward accomplishing the mission of the organization.

More information can be found in the implementation guide for facilitating discussions on contribute along with local support sources at https://www.afmc.af.mil/Portals/13/AFMC%20Connect%20-%20CONTRIBUTE%20%28May%29%20.pdf