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  • Inclement Weather Information

    Winter weather in New England can be unpredictable and harsh. Click on the links below for futher information about Hanscom winter weather policies and procedures.For the most up-to-date inclement weather information at Hanscom, call the COLD Line at 781-225-2653. AtHoc notification options are also

  • Inclement weather leave guidance for civilians

    In any of the below situations, supervisors are encouraged to allow liberal leave (i.e., annual leave) for those employees who wish to take additional measures if they feel it’s necessary due to local weather conditions. Employees on telework agreements will be expected to work from approved

  • Inclement weather procedures for Hanscom personnel

    When inclement weather is forecasted, Hanscom’s leadership uses a variety of sources to make decisions as far in advance as possible. For the most up-to-date inclement weather information at Hanscom, call the COLD Line at 781-225-2653.

  • Long term parking procedures during snowstorms

    Many people dread the winter months, but planning for snow removal is a New England necessity and the time to plan is now.On-street parking is not allowed during snow removal operations. Before an expectant snow or ice storm, signs will be placed at the entrance to the housing areas. Once the signs

  • Making plans for winter weather

    The 66th Civil Engineer Division is responsible for snow and ice removal from base streets, sidewalks and parking areas. Base snow and ice removal, excluding housing, is accomplished by priority as identified in the 66th Air Base Group Snow and Ice Control Plan.Priority one consists of the main base

  • Massachusetts tax information

    The Military Spouse Residency Relief Act (MSRRA) and Massachusetts regulations clearly provide that neither a military member nor their spouse is required to become a resident of Massachusetts as a consequence of being stationed in Massachusetts on orders. Military members and their spouses who are

  • Medical In and Out Processing

    All of this information is located in a member's vMPF checklist when they click the checklist item for "Medical Out-processing," though it will be a condensed version as it is limited by characters.A minimum of 45 days is required to review medical information and process paperwork and vMPF

  • Medical Records

    When you are scheduled for a consult outside the 66th Medical Squadron clinic, a provider will select the relevant medical information from your medical record and Medical Records staff will make a copy. In the case of urgent consults, a copy of the relevant medical information will be made

  • Mental Health

    66th Medical Squadron Mental Health FlightThe 66th Medical Squadron Mental Health Flight is comprised of the Mental Health Clinic, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment Program (ADAPT) and the Family Advocacy Program.The Mental Health Clinic is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to

  • Military Personnel Flight

    For more information on common access cards, or CAC, as well as other DOD-issued ID cards, visit https://www.cac.mil/.The 66th Force Support Squadron, Military Personnel Flight customer support office is located on the first floor of the Brown Building, Building 1305. Hours of operation for the ID